What is Hybrid car and Types of Hybrid car?

What is a Hybrid car?, Types of Hybrid car? and how do Hybrid car work?. We will discuss in this article.
What is Hybrid car and Types of  Hybrid car
Hybrid car
The hybrid car is those cars which use two power sources to move. The Hybrid car has two motors – Here we take gasoline-powered internal combustion engine and an electric motor as it uses two power sources. Both the motors in the hybrid car works according to their strength and weakness. Electric motors do not use energy when they are idle, they turn off and also use less energy at low speed as compared to the gasoline-powered motor. During rush hour, the electric motor works great and does not produce any emission. If you are driving in a highway at higher speed, the gasoline motor kicks in to show its strength and also charges the batteries while it’s running.
What is Hybrid car and Types of  Hybrid car
Series hybrid
The series hybrid and the parallel hybrid are the two types of a hybrid car that fit in the gasoline-electric categories. In a series hybrid, the gasoline engine recharges the battery and the driving part is handled by the electric motor. When we start the engine, power is received from the batteries to the electric motor which makes the car to move. For a longer distance (beyond 75 kilometers), the gasoline engine provides power. Here the driving experience is more indicative of an electric car with smoother and powerful acceleration.
Parallel Hybrid
In the parallel hybrid, the gasoline engine and electric motor are attached to one transmission which allows both of them to power the car at the same time. Here the transmission can be an automatic, manual or continuously variable transmission (CVT). In a parallel hybrid, transmission type and the size of the gasoline engine determine how the car will accelerate, sound and feel. Parallel hybrid is more suitable for long-distance travelling.
What is Hybrid car and Types of  Hybrid car
Plug-In Hybrid
There is also another variation in the hybrid car called Plug-In Hybrid and Mild hybrid. Plug-In hybrid also called as Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle(PHEV), it has larger battery pack than any other hybrid. In Plug-in hybrid car, the batteries can be charged from an external source like a public charging station or in an electric generator found in the vehicles.
What is Hybrid car and Types of  Hybrid car
The mild-hybrid car is the least expensive variation in the hybrid bunch and it doesn’t fully rely on the electric motor. In a mild hybrid, the electric motor is there to help the gasoline engine for improving fuel economy and increasing performance. When the car slows down or sits still, the control unit shut down the engine and not polluting the air. When the driver accelerated the car, the battery starts the motor again.

Hybrid car Pros:
  1. Reduced fuel dependence.
  2. Regenerative braking.
  3. Deduction in Taxes.
  4. Higher resale value.
  5. Consume less energy due to their Less weight.
Hybrid car cons:
  1. High Price tag.
  2. High Maintenance.
  3. Compromising on Performance when it comes on the highway.

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