Different types of Glasses used in car.

This article is all about, which types of glasses use in cars || Normal glass and car glasses are same? 

Different types of Glasses used in car
Glasses of car.
When we talk about glasses used in car, we think it might be a normal glass that covers the window in most homes. Here, I want to inform you that glasses used in cars are not the same that we have in most homes. Manufacturer’s design and build the glass for a car by thinking about passenger safety. The glass that we have in the home windows will shatter into sharp pieces when it's broken and these sharp pieces of shattered glass can cause harm to anyone within a certain distance of a window. However, this is not the case with car glasses as it is quite harmless when it breaks.

Different types of Glasses used in car
Different types of Glasses used in car
In a car, we see the upper part is mostly surrounded by glass. We call them with different names to identify and each has a different role to serve. For example; the windshield glass is used to protect from winds and dust. Vent glass is used to help the rear door to roll up and down. The rear windshield has a line in which a small amount of electricity runs to heat the rear windshield pane and does the function of defrosting (Free from ice). The sunroof glass is also known as moonroof glass which let fresh air and light into the cabin. 
There are two main types of glasses used in cars.

Different types of Glasses used in car
Laminated Glass
Laminated Glass:

Laminated glass was invented in the mid of 1920s. The two-layer of the glass sheet is joined together with a plastic layer in between known as polyvinyl butyral. This glass sandwich is fused with a high amount of heat to create laminated glass. Laminated glass does not shatter in case of an accident and designed to take extreme impact. Unlike normal glasses, this glass holds the glass pieces and reduce injury to passengers during an accident. Laminated glass is used in the windshield of the car. It also acts as a cushion when a passenger is thrown into the windshield during head-on collisions. When rocks hit the windshield, only the exterior glass layer gets damaged which makes laminated glass repairable.

Different types of Glasses used in car
Types of glass
Tempered Glass:

Tempered glass is used in the door and rear window of a car. The sheet of glass is heated to a specific temperature and rapidly cooled by cold air to produce a tempered glass. This makes the glass 10 times stronger and during an accident, it breaks into non-sharp pebbles like pieces that won’t cause bodily harm when falls onto passengers. Unlike laminated glass, tempered glass cannot be repaired when there is a small crack. The only solution is to replace the entire glass.

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