Why Electric Scooters was flopped in India.

Why Electric Scooters was flopped in India.

 In this article we will discuss about why the electric scooters got flopped in India. Does the electric scooter still surviving in Indian market.

One Chinese Scooter brand

 It has been almost a decade since electric scooters were introduced in Indian market. Most of the electric scooters which were launched in Indian market are of Chinese brand. However, the user experience was not good enough to grow in Indian market. There was a lot of negative feedback received from the customers like speed is not enough, engine is not quite powerful.

Those electric scooters which were imported from China had a lead ACID battery. This types of batteries were old and outdated technology. Motor used was also not advanced in technology. The main aim of Chinese manufacturer was to launch an electric scooter with less price so that more people can buy it. However, those electric scooters were not capable of resale due to their low quality. Inspiring from Chinese, some of Indian manufacturers started launching electric scooters and the goal was to launch with less price instead of good quality. This led the electric scooter to get flopped in India and almost 200 dealers had closed their shop.
Lead ACID Batteries

Modern electric scooters range from rupees 80,000 to 2Lakh and only a few companies manufacture the modern electric scooters. The modern electric scooters come with lithium-ion batteries, software based technology which help in GPS, finding nearby charging stations, provide information about batteries, they come with LED lights which consume less battery power and they also have better quality of motor due to these their price becomes high.

Not only this the modern electric scooter provides the top speed of 80 to 100 km/hr and once the battery is fully charged then they can cover 80 to 120 kilometre distance. Some of the modern electric scooters also have fast charging features. With all these features the modern electric scooter has started to grab the Indian market.
Ather electric Scooter

Ather Energy is one of the Indian company who is selling modern electric scooters only in Bangalore and Chennai. One of the good news is that the Indian government had made the law to build the electric charging point in newly built apartment and multi-storey buildings.

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