Petrol car VS Diesel car, Which one is better?

In This article we are doing comparison between Petrol car VS Diesel car, which one is better?

Petrol car VS Diesel car, Which one is better
Petrol car VS Diesel car
   When we decided to buy a car, we mostly start comparing the one car with another car and according to our requirements we go for it. Here, I have mentioned some important point which would help you in deciding between petrol or diesel car. 
Almost all car manufacturers launch the car in both petrol and diesel variant. 

   The Diesel variant comes with a higher cost than the petrol one with the same specification. The price difference between petrol and diesel variant car is approximately between 1 to 1.5 lakh.

   Diesel car provides more mileage comparative to the petrol variant. The Diesel engine has a higher compression ratio and ignited by compression. While the petrol engine has a lower compression ratio and ignited by the spark plug. Higher compression ratio, longer stroke and high turbo pressure allow producing more torque at lower RPM(Revolutions per minute) as compared to the petrol engine. Which means less fuel is needed to move a car. Hence, diesel cars are more fuel-efficient than petrol ones.
Petrol car VS Diesel car, Which one is better
Petrol car VS Diesel car
Maintenance cost:
   Maintenance cost for diesel one is higher than the petrol car. This is because of engine oil, spares parts and the impurities in the diesel engine due to their long run. Diesel engines are less reliable than petrol engines and it results in more maintenance cost over their lifetime.

   Unlike before there is not much difference in the price of both petrol and diesel fuel. Last June month we have seen that there was a narrow gap between petrol and diesel fuel. 

Not only these, but Diesel cars also have higher resale value compared to the petrol ones. However, the petrol engine has a longer life. Diesel car engines emit less carbon dioxide compare to a petrol car. However, diesel engines are less environmental friendly because they have higher emissions of nitrogen oxides than petrol ones. If we talk about insurance, more the cost of vehicle higher would be its insurance.

Let's take a car of both variant and calculate their price difference in terms of their mileage:
TATA Nexon MX Petrol VS TATA Nexon MX Diesel
Car Model
TATA Nexon XM petrol
TATA Nexon XM diesel
7.70(Ex-Showroom price)  
9.20(Ex-Showroom price)  
Today the petrol price is  87.19/liter and the diesel is 79.05/liter. 

The price difference between the two variant car is 1.5Lakh.

Suppose, we bought a diesel variant and want to cover the price difference in terms of their mileage. 

Petrol variant cost 5.12/Km
Diesel variant cost 3.59/Km

The difference is 1.53 which means diesel car owner save 1.53/Km.

To cover up the extra cost in diesel variant, we need to run the car for 98039 Kilometer.
Daily Run
Per year run
Number of years to cover up
18 years 1 month
9 years 1 month
3 years 7 months
   So, more daily travelling will increase your preference for the diesel variant. However, one should think of its maintenance cost. Hope these could help you in deciding which is better to go with.

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